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Roger and Debbie’s 45th Anniversary Family Photo Session | Wichita Anniversary Photography

Family is always worth celebrating, and this family had a wonderful reason to gather together for photos! Roger and Debbie recently celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary – a HUGE milestone that shows their commitment to the Lord, to each other, and to their extended family!!! Their daughter, Heather, helped organize the photo session and get everyone together.

I first met Roger and Debbie at church with my parents years ago. We always sat near them and joked about our “assigned seats” at church, which kept expanding as their grandkids were born!!

Roger and Debbie have such a special family, and it was amazing working with such a fun group of people!! Their oldest son and his family drove from Kansas City to be here for photos, and their younger son made time in between traveling for his busy work schedule! It’s amazing to see the love and commitment of this family. They have so much fun when they’re all together, and I was so blessed to help them capture this special occasion!!

Congratulations Roger and Debbie!! Hope you all enjoy these favorites from your session!

DeLong Family-120.jpg

DeLong Family-128.jpg

DeLong Family-124.jpg

DeLong Family-9.jpg
DeLong Family-6.jpg

DeLong Family-38.jpg

DeLong Family-172.jpg

DeLong Family-73.jpg

DeLong Family-183.jpg
DeLong Family-138.jpg

DeLong Family-114.jpg

DeLong Family-57.jpg
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DeLong Family-11.jpg
DeLong Family-14.jpg

DeLong Family-17.jpg
DeLong Family-15.jpg
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DeLong Family-113.jpg
DeLong Family-118.jpg
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DeLong Family-50.jpg
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DeLong Family-156.jpg
DeLong Family-157.jpg
DeLong Family-151.jpg
DeLong Family-164.jpg
DeLong Family-189.jpg
DeLong Family-145.jpg
DeLong Family-149.jpg
DeLong Family-143.jpg
DeLong Family-140.jpg
DeLong Family-13.jpg
DeLong Family-58.jpg
DeLong Family-59.jpg

DeLong Family-55.jpg

DeLong Family-29.jpg
DeLong Family-30.jpg
DeLong Family-32.jpg
DeLong Family-26.jpg
DeLong Family-66.jpg
DeLong Family-64.jpg

DeLong Family-107.jpg

DeLong Family-68.jpg
DeLong Family-150.jpg
DeLong Family-109.jpg

DeLong Family-28.jpg

DeLong Family-102.jpg
DeLong Family-110.jpg
DeLong Family-81.jpg
DeLong Family-84.jpg
DeLong Family-86.jpg
DeLong Family-87.jpg
DeLong Family-47.jpg
DeLong Family-34.jpg
DeLong Family-33.jpg
DeLong Family-36.jpg
DeLong Family-40.jpg

DeLong Family-173.jpg
DeLong Family-154.jpg
DeLong Family-177.jpg
DeLong Family-174.jpg
DeLong Family-179.jpg
DeLong Family-176.jpg
DeLong Family-170.jpg
DeLong Family-182.jpg
DeLong Family-175.jpg
DeLong Family-168.jpg
DeLong Family-165.jpg
DeLong Family-184.jpg
DeLong Family-185.jpg
DeLong Family-178.jpg
DeLong Family-188.jpg

DeLong Family-166.jpg

DeLong Family-94.jpg
DeLong Family-97.jpg
DeLong Family-70.jpg

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