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    Hello! I’m so excited to begin sharing photos and stories with you here on our blog. If you haven’t read the story of Chelsea Maye Photography, you can find it here.

    Just a bit more history…I started my photography business in 2011, and it kept me BUSY. There were several times I had to turn down clients because there was not enough time. I hated telling people no, but my family was my priority. Now, the Lord has blessed us with the ability to manage our schedules around family time, and for this we are so grateful!

    However, this was not always the case. I am a people person. I love to serve. But I can become so focused on helping others that at times I will put their needs above all others, including my family. The Lord led us through a season where I was working 60+ hours a week at a hospital as a surgical tech, on call in the evenings/overnight/weekends, and during this time our business and our family suffered. It was during this season that I had to give up photography. I was also battling anxiety, which the Lord used to pull me gently closer to Him and away from my too-busy lifestyle.

    I remember the day I began to feel His presence and His healing. I remember the day I wrote this in my journal, “It feels so good to pick up my camera again! I have been struggling so much with anxiety that I’ve stopped doing things I enjoy. But I can no longer ignore the Lord’s voice. He keeps telling me to stop hiding my pain, to embrace anxiety and use it to help others. To be thankful that it allows me to see the world differently and share that perspective through my photos. ‘Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God.'”

    This was the freedom I needed.

    Permission to rest in the Lord and stop striving on my own — running in a direction He didn’t want me to go.

    In order to give myself permission to focus full-time on photography, I HAD to know that it would never be just a business, that it would be a ministry, something I was called to do in order to serve the Lord and others. The focus would always be the PEOPLE, not the photos.

    Our prayer is to be a blessing to others, to love as we have been loved and serve as we have been served. That we will pour out the love that has been freely given to us, while inspiring others to pass it on.

    Thanks for joining us! We look forward to learning and growing in community with you!


    meet the photographer CHELSEA

    A Photographer based in Wichita, Kansas specializing in photographs you can hold.

    I believe in God and family first, honesty and serving others joyfully.

    When I’m not behind the camera, you might find me driving through the car wash with a donut in one hand or snuggled on the couch sipping coffee. Welcome! We’re so glad you’re here and excited to get to know you!

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