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    Weekend Makeover | White Bathroom and Closet Remodel

    Hey friends! I’m so excited to share this bathroom and closet remodeling project with you. Although these were two of our fastest room makeovers so far, they’ve both had a huge impact on the overall feel of the rooms. Each room was finished in three days, but most of the work was actually done on the first two days. You can easily accomplish this in your home over a weekend!

    A year ago, I began updating our kitchen by painting the cabinets, thinking it was a temporary update until we saved enough for a full kitchen remodel. BUT, the transformation was so beautiful, I can’t imagine changing it now! After updating the kitchen, I began slowly painting all the cabinets in our home, one room at a time, learning something new with each room. Hopefully, you will be inspired to start your own room makeover!

    I have to pause for a moment and let you in on a struggle I often wrestle with. I love beautiful things. I love decorating our home so it’s a peaceful place for our family and visitors. Yet when I share things like a bathroom update, I am reminded of many places in the world where people live in poverty beyond what most of us can imagine. Places where there are often no indoor bathrooms, no running water. And I wrestle with this, thanking God for his provision in our life while reminding myself to hold all these things loosely.

    Our son lived in extreme poverty for the first year of his life. It’s easy to forget. We are so blessed. And I don’t ever want to forget that.

    I’ve learned that this blog doesn’t exist only for me. I have learned that my voice can be used to bring change and encourage others to look beyond themselves and put other people first. We sometimes forget how much power we have as believers in Christ, and one of the most powerful things we can do is to pray. To talk with the God who created the universe with his words. Before you keep scrolling, please take a few moments to pray for people who don’t have access to clean water. And every time today you turn on the water to wash your hands, to get a drink, or to brush your teeth, take another moment to pray for our brothers and sisters who do not have this luxury.

    Bathroom and Closet Update | Benjamin Moore Simply White and Classic Gray

    It’s no secret that I love light!! And my favorite way to add more light to a room is by painting it white or another light color. The bathroom and closet cabinets were finished with Benjamin Moore Simply White, and on the walls, we used Classic Gray, or OC-23. It may be a sign that I’m painting too often when I walk into the store and order paint by number!!

    We love the warmth that comes from the original woodwork throughout the house, so we decided to paint only the cabinets and trim, not the doors. The peachy, pink tile looked better with the wood than it does against white cabinets, but is in incredibly great shape! I can’t bring myself to tear out something that is not damaged, simply to update the color. We may eventually hire someone to paint the tile later down the road, but in the meantime, we’ll do our best to care for it as well as the previous owners have!

    Before and after:

    We absolutely love the raised detailing in the cabinets and decided to refinish the doors instead of replacing them. This was such a great decision! We kept the original hardware as well. The gold really stands out now against the white doors!

    white bathroom closet remodel_0006.jpg

    white bathroom closet remodel_0007.jpg

    white bathroom closet remodel_0011.jpg

    white bathroom closet remodel_0005.jpg

    white bathroom closet remodel_0004.jpg

    The pinecone shower curtain hangers traveled with us from our first home where we had an outdoor/camping themed bathroom. Everything from handtowels to toothbrush holders featured a bear or moose, accented with burgundy and hunter-green. It was definitely a man-cave! We may eventually replace these, but for now, they add a bit of history 🙂

    white bathroom closet remodel_0008.jpg

    white bathroom closet remodel_0009.jpg

    white bathroom closet remodel_0010.jpg

    white bathroom closet remodel_0001.jpg

    Here are the closet BEFORE photos! One thing we loved when buying this house was that everything was in great condition! No crazy wallpaper or other problems to deal with. It’s amazing what a little sanding and painting can do!

    white bathroom closet remodel_0015.jpg

    white bathroom closet remodel_0013.jpg

    white bathroom closet remodel_0014.jpg

    white bathroom closet remodel_0012.jpg

    white bathroom closet remodel_0016.jpg

    Yes, this is basically my entire wardrobe! I have a few folded clothes, but pretty much wear the same thing all the time. After having back-to-back surgeries last year and rotating between two pairs of sweatpants, two soft sweaters, and one nice sweater for church (still with the sweatpants, and sparkly gold TOMS!) I got used to wearing a “uniform” most days. My time is too valuable to think about what I’m going to wear…and most of the time, no one even notices!! You should definitely try switching to a uniform, or capsule wardrobe, and enjoy all the new free time that comes with it 🙂

    white bathroom closet remodel_0018.jpg

    white bathroom closet remodel_0017.jpg

    white bathroom closet remodel_0030.jpg

    A gallon of paint, new hangers, and these two gray storage bins were the only purchases made for both room updates. So many house projects can be done well, even with a low budget!white bathroom closet remodel_0019.jpg

    Close-ups of the original hardware on the built-in shoe rack. I love the gorgeous gold and white contrast!

    white bathroom closet remodel_0021.jpg

    white bathroom closet remodel_0022.jpg

    white bathroom closet remodel_0029.jpg

    white bathroom closet remodel_0020.jpg

    white bathroom closet remodel_0023.jpg

    The hooks on the back of the door were already here, but you can easily add your own to any door in your home for extra storage.

    white bathroom closet remodel_0026.jpg

    Some of the countertop’s original tile pieces have fallen off the edge, but the top is in perfect condition. We want to replace the edge with matching tile, preserving as much of the original craftsmanship as possible.

    white bathroom closet remodel_0027.jpg

    As a little girl, I always dreamed of a house with a window seat. This is it!! It’s such a cozy spot to hide with a good book. The pillows, which add to the coziness of this reading nook, were Christmas gifts last year from our sweet daughter!

    white bathroom closet remodel_0028.jpg

    white bathroom closet remodel_0025.jpg

    white bathroom closet remodel_0024.jpg

    white bathroom closet remodel_0031.jpg

    white bathroom closet remodel_0037.jpg

    white bathroom closet remodel_0032.jpg

    white bathroom closet remodel_0038.jpg

    Miss Aisley’s favorite spot…warming up next to the heating vent. So ridiculous, but it’s adorable how she just melts into the carpet!

    white bathroom closet remodel_0033.jpg

    white bathroom closet remodel_0036.jpg

    Molly waiting patiently for her turn, which often never comes. Poor girl.

    white bathroom closet remodel_0034.jpg

    white bathroom closet remodel_0035.jpg


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