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    Tea that cures almost anything

    How are you feeling today? I have so many friends fighting through colds, sore throats, sleepiness, low energy, body aches… you know, that “I just don’t feel good and want to crawl back under the covers today” kind of feeling.

    If this is you, I’m so sorry. And I wish I could give you a hug to help you feel better. Instead, I’m giving you permission to grab your favorite mug, fill it with warm tea, and wrap your hands around it as you put your feet up, close your eyes, and take a ten-minute time out for yourself.

    If you have honey and apple cider vinegar, try this recipe for “tea that cures almost everything”. 8 oz of hot water, 1 tablespoon of honey, and 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Whenever I feel the beginning of a cold or sore throat, I drink this every morning and evening, and it keeps me from getting sick. (disclaimer: this is not medical advice, just my personal experience!) What have you tried that helps you feel better fast? Hope you stay warm today!💕

    **When buying apple cider vinegar, find a bottle that says “with the mother” on the label. I use Braggs, but there may be others as well. Also, please never drink undiluted vinegar! Even if you can get past the taste, it can damage your esophagus. If you’re unsure how much to use, read the label on the bottle or check with your doctor.

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