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    Will you join me in reading the Bible in a year: four chapters a day?| Bible Reading Chart

    Is this the year you will read through the Bible? Every book, chapter and verse? Maybe you’re like me and have attempted to follow a read the Bible in a year plan, and started well, but got lost somewhere along the way. Or, perhaps you have read the Bible in a year, and want to commit to doing it again!

    Do you know how many chapters are in the Bible? There are 1,189 chapters. And 1,189 divided by 365 is 3.2575…

    If you love math, go ahead and and play with the numbers, but here’s what I found.

    If you read four chapters a day:

    • you will finish reading the Bible in 298 days (actually, 297 days, plus one more chapter)
    • you will read the Bible in a year even if you don’t read AT ALL for 67 days
    • you’ll finish on October, 25th if you start January 1st (I didn’t)
    • you will finish reading the Bible by the end of the year even if you wait until March 8th to begin reading!
    • you will finish reading in a year skipping one day every week (plus missing a few more days)

    The main point is…You can do this!!

    If you miss a day, (or a week) just start again! Four chapters a day.

    Download this simple chart to keep track of what you read. It works well with or without a scheduled reading plan, so if you have started a plan in your Bible app, simply color in the chapters you read each day to have a visual reminder of your progress!

    If you don’t already have a reading plan, first, pray and ask the Lord where to begin. Then use the chart to fill in what you read!

    Bible reading chart read the bible in a year four chapters a day

    Print this page, fold it in half, and keep it in your Bible as a bookmark. I would love to know if you’re reading along with me! Follow along on Instagram and use the hashtag #fourchaptersaday so we can encourage one another!

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