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    (The first) Photo-less Photography Post

    I recently thought of our old blog, our adoption blog. It was the place where we sorted out our thoughts while waiting to meet Gabe, our son who was born in Ethiopia. During that season we were greeted daily by God’s faithfulness. To hear God’s voice, to feel His constant, abiding presence, was a new experience for us together as baby newlyweds. Individually we believed that God was first in our lives, and he was. Yet to experience the sheer dependence on Him alone as a married couple, trusting Him with a son who was born, yet not in our arms, carried us to a deeper level of trust.

    And it was documented.

    Not in photos, but in words. This is what sets that season apart. We can go back and read thought after thought as we trace the story through excitement, waiting, disappointment, raw pain, crying out in prayer, answered prayers, more waiting, and finally the joy of meeting our son face to face. No other season holds so many written down reminders of how God was with us. For years I have encouraged you to save your families’ memories through photos….and I will continue to do this. However, remembering our adoption story reminded me of the need to save our memories through words as well.

    We have exactly seven photos of the first year of Gabe’s life in Ethiopia. Because we weren’t allowed to share photos until he was legally our son, our adoption blog holds very few visual reminders of the waiting time.

    Yet it shares the story of God’s faithfulness.

    It tells how He was continually with us.

    It tells how He was with Gabe. 

    If you’ve read our story, you know how Gabe played a big role in the formation of our photography business. Not sharing photos for so long eventually leads to constant sharing and oversharing. Good thing I didn’t have access to Instagram back then! I would have been hashtaging every minute of his life!

    I am sensing a shift in what God’s calling me to share in this season. It’s easy for me to I think I only have something of value to share when it’s paired with a perfect photo. That’s simply not true. This aligns with my desire of encouraging other women to share their stories. Most of us don’t carry heavy cameras around our necks all day, but we do all carry our stories. Stories that are meant to be shared.

    If, as you are reading this now, you sense that tug on your heart as well, please don’t walk away without making a decision to do something about it. You don’t have to start a blog or a website. You don’t have to run out and buy an expensive journal. Just write something. Use what you already have, perhaps one of your kids leftover school notebooks, or the note pages in the back of your Bible if you have them. (I save that space for recipes I know I’ll lose if not written down…your Bible can be a great time capsule!) Write today’s date and something you’re thankful for. It can be that simple. Trust me, when you read it a year or two from now it will feel like finding buried treasure. And it is.

    Don’t forget what God is doing right now.

    Remember it.

    (By the way, this doesn’t mean I will stop sharing photos. In fact if you want to see more photos just follow along on Instagram where I will continue sharing photos and stories. But the biggest change will be right here, on the blog, where my goal is to write more about God’s faithfulness so we can look back years from now and thank him for the growth, the healing, and for continually being with us.)



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