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    Photographs You Can Hold

    A couple weeks ago we went to Michael’s parents’ house to look through old photos. This week, we stopped by my mom and dad’s house to see their pictures. Who else remembers doing this as a kid? (This may be my favorite photo ever of baby Michael!!!)

    You know how we used to write on the back of pictures? To remember names, ages, and dates? Well, the other night, we kept flipping the pictures over to read the names on the back, and we quickly realized that Gabriel had NEVER experienced this before! Can you believe that!? I was shocked. And a little embarrassed. I mean, I’m a photographer, and my own son was unfamiliar with writing on the back of photos! Sure, we have huge framed prints and canvases all over our house, a handful of heirloom albums, his baby book, and printed Chatbooks from cell phone snapshots. But we have very few tangible prints of our everyday life with NAMES written on the back! And you guys know how important names are to me.

    I’m sure you know where this is going. A big change is happening around here, and we’re excited to share it with all of you. Starting now, all collections will include Photographs You Can Hold!

    There is a big debate in the photography world: digital vs. prints. Unfortunately, after talking with many past clients about how they used their digital images, most are still sitting on their computers! But, there is a better solution. It’s kind of like the birthday cake vs. ice cream debate….why not have both!!?

    All Chelsea Maye Photography collections now include digital AND printed images. Digital so you can share now, and heirloom prints you will treasure later.

    As a photographer, I have multiple hard drives to back up my photos (and yours!). Whether I’m shooting a wedding or a family session, I always shoot to two memory cards at once, creating an instant backup to protect your photos.

    When I go through all the time and careful planning to backup photos, it just makes sense to give you guys a backup of your photos as well by including digital and printed images. Not to mention the irreplaceable feeling of holding a photograph in your hands!

    As you can tell, we’re really excited for this big change. We hope you are too!!

    We still have spots open for fall photo sessions. Get in touch today to reserve your date!

    meet the photographer CHELSEA

    A Photographer based in Wichita, Kansas specializing in photographs you can hold.

    I believe in God and family first, honesty and serving others joyfully.

    When I’m not behind the camera, you might find me driving through the car wash with a donut in one hand or snuggled on the couch sipping coffee. Welcome! We’re so glad you’re here and excited to get to know you!

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