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    Mocha, The White Chocolate Lab!

    Meet Mocha, our 9-week-old white English labrador retriever!! I’ll probably forever call her a “white chocolate” lab, even though all white labs are technically recognized as yellow labs. But Mocha is snow white!! And will stay that way as she gets older. We wanted a white lab two years ago, but we also knew we would wait until we could spend plenty of time caring for her during the crucial puppy stage. Mocha is actually the FIRST puppy for our family, even though she is our fifth dog. (And yes, we may be crazy because we now have three dogs and four chickens!!)


    Apparently I have a theme of naming pets after drinks…Mocha (after the Starbucks white chocolate mocha) and Earl Grey and Maple Maye (after my Earl Grey tea with lavender, steamed milk and maple syrup). We’re so used to hollering awkward phrases into the backyard like, “Earl, quit pecking on the siding” so it doesn’t even phase us to shout “Mocha” and see a pure white puppy come running! She’s definitely an inside dog, but this girl LOVES to be outside! Her favorite place to play is the little dirt pile under the slide. I smile every time I call her name to come inside because she’ll stand up, shake off all the dirt and leap towards me just running free! It’s such a beautiful reminder of how we were once covered in sin and Jesus washed us white as snow.

    We keep saying she’s the best puppy we’ve ever met, because she’s SO CALM!! She really is!! We’re excited for many more adventures with our Mocha girl!!!

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