Before and after. Feeling thankful for my hair straightener today!

When it comes to my hair, I’m really simple. Up, down, or a little half ponytail flipped under. That’s it. If it takes more than two minutes, it’s too complicated. I can’t give you product recommendations or styling tips beyond keeping a hair tie on your wrist at all times and wearing a hat to the pool. I’m super jealous of girls who can shower in the morning and walk out the door as their hair dries and becomes perfect all by itself. If I try that, I’ll look like Mia Thermopolis 😜

I remember getting ready years ago when my dad drove us to school. I wish I had even one photo of our morning routine: me sitting with my legs criss-crossed on the floor and dad on the couch, pulling my thick hair into the smoothest, most perfect ponytail you’ve ever seen while holding the brush in his mouth.

Hair like this takes two hands to tame!

And trust me, that ponytail would last all day at school, through recess and back home again.

So thankful for those memories, with or without photos, but it’s reminding me to capture the everyday moments, not just the dressed-up, posed, special occasion moments. Those are great too, but don’t forget the simple things.

What is something normal in your daily routine you want your kids to think about years from now? Share your stories in the comments. Bonus points for crazy hair stories! 💕