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Names are important. They tell where we come from, who we are, and who we can become.

Chelsea means “landing place,” “harbor” or “port.” A harbor is a place of safety, calm waters for rest. Not coincidentally, Port is my favorite wine. It’s “strong yet sweet,” which describes me well.

Maye is a combination of my two grandmothers’ middle names, a constant reminder that who we are is shaped by those who’ve walked before us. We believe this truth so deeply, that during our wedding, Michael and I chose to have not only our mothers, but everyone in the audience help us light our unity candle. Each person held a candle, much like a Christmas Eve candlelight service, passing the flame forward to us. Now we live to pass that light on to others.

Michael and I met while in college. He is extremely talented musically, and has been part of a church worship team as long as I’ve known him. My sister, who is also a musician, got to know Michael, began inviting him to our house where they often practiced playing guitar together, and eventually she set us up on our first date – coffee at Starbucks! A few months later we were engaged!!


After two years of marriage, we adopted our son, Gabriel, who was born in Ethiopia. For months, we stared at two tiny photos, memorizing every detail. The expression on his face, the softness of his perfect, mocha-colored skin, that tiny wrinkle in his nose.

These two images bridged the 7,000 mile gap between us and our son. These two images were our only connection to him. A few months before we met him, another adoptive mama who was traveling to meet her son was able to spend some time with Gabriel and take a few pictures of him. Words cannot express the elation we felt as we studied these new images of our son! Even so, we still had only a handful of photos from his first year of life.

When we finally met him, I began taking pictures, capturing every single moment and detail to make up for lost time. I took pictures of him playing in our home, in the backyard, visiting the zoo, sleeping in the car, and even while grocery shopping! I carried my new son and my camera everywhere!

Soon, friends and family began noticing my photography and asking me to take photos for them. I dedicated much of my time to learning photography and improving my skills and created the business in 2011. I consider it a blessing to share my passion with others and help them tell their own stories!




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