Days like this remind me of how grateful I am to be a small business owner with the freedom to be a mom first. We’re home for the second “snow day” in a row and loving every minute of it!

No more scrambling to find an emergency babysitter at 5am then rushing to the hospital like when I scrubbed in for surgeries.

No more running to the school at 5am preparing sub-plans with a sick baby like when I taught sixth grade.

I laugh now, realizing that my past careers as a teacher and surgical technologist were really just training for being a mom!

I’m thankful now, for the many photography clients who believed in me, who trusted me, this teacher, this scrub tech, this mom with a “nice camera” to capture their families’ memories. Without you, I wouldn’t be able to pursue this dream of capturing and preserving memories for all of your sweet families! I hope that when you hold the photos of your kids you feel the same joy I felt holding the first photo of my son (six months before we met him!!)

Today I am deeply grateful for all of my clients from the past 7 years. Thanks for being part of the Chelsea Maye Family!!