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    Be okay with the things that don’t happen

    Be ok with the things that don’t happen.
    Several things on my list are not done, and will remain unfinished.

    That’s okay.

    Things like “5am put chicken in crock pot” and “make gluten-free ginger snaps for eggnog-cheesecake crust”. The things I said yes to instead? Spending time with my two guys in the kitchen tonight, every hand helping. Watching Gabe’s eyes light up asking to use the special gold chargers under our white dinner plates because “this feels like a special occasion.” Hearing him sing, “I played my best for Him, pa rum pa pum pum” while reading his advent book and lighting candles. Then spending a few more minutes together after tucking him into bed, not rushing back to my to-do list, but instead, being there with him.

    We all have long lists this week. It seems like no matter how prepared we try to be, the tasks are endless. Slow down. Don’t try to do it all. Ask for help when you need it (or before you need it!) and remember why we celebrate Christmas.

    Look around at the people in front of you. They’ll never know if that last-minute pinterest inspired dessert doesn’t make it to the table, but they will notice if you’re too busy to spend time with them.

    Be ok with the things that don’t happen, so you can focus on what matters most. Love God, love others. Be with them as we celebrate Emmanuel, God with us.

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    I believe in God and family first, honesty and serving others joyfully.

    When I’m not behind the camera, you might find me driving through the car wash with a donut in one hand or snuggled on the couch sipping coffee. Welcome! We’re so glad you’re here and excited to get to know you!

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